Chloe Sevigny Birthday Bash


Chloe Sevigny Celebrates her Birthday at Webster Hall


It’s not much of a surprise to learn that cool chick Chloë Sevigny has loads of equally hip friends to call on when she decides to throw a party. But even she was shocked by the turnout at the bash she hosted at Webster Hall Monday night – along with Mac Cosmetics, Self-Service Magazine and Opening Ceremony – to celebrate her debut collection for the latter boutique and featuring a special performance by British punk rock band, The Slits. By the time she arrived around 10:30 p.m., there was a three deep line of grunge-sters, alternative chicks and general misfits snaking around the block.

“Oh my god, did you see how many people are out there?!” exclaimed Sevigny to Slits’ lead singer Ari-Up as they made their way backstage. “It’s like Thousands.”

“They’re all here for you,” replied the red fishnet-bedecked belter. (She might have a point, as many of the Opening Ceremony posters of Sevigny plastered all over the venue were quickly ripped off walls by eager fans.)

After saying some quick hellos and introducing the band to her longtime boyfriend Matt McAuley, Sevigny disappeared into the crowd, leaving The Slits to their own pre-show devices.

It has been 20 years since the girls last performed at Webster Hall (under the heading “The Slits and the Ritz”).”We really changed music, the culture and clothes. We were 30 years ahead of everyone and it was seen as so offensive. We were the first to wear tutus with Doc Martens, and then Madonna started dressing like us,” claimed Ari-Up of the quartet, which began in 1976 and has gone through several Incarnations since.

Though you wouldn’t guess it from Sevigny’s Liberty print laden collection, the actress-designer claims to be inspired by The Slits, and told them as much when they met at a Sonic Youth concert in Brooklyn last summer. But don’t expect to see them making Fashion Week appearances a regular activity.

“We’re more individual,” declared keyboardist Hollie.They certainly attracted an eclectic crowd. Upstairs in the VIP area, Andy Samberg held hands with date Joanna Newsom, while Natasha Lyonne chilled with friends. Alexander Wang danced up a storm (apparently his own Annex party wasn’t enough) and expressed some envy for Sevigny’s venue choice.

“When I saw it was at Webster Hall I was like, ‘I wish I had thought of That,'” he exclaimed.

Meanwhile, the hostess played it incognito in the downstairs mob scene.

Courtesy: WWD

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