Lindsay Lohan Adds Hosiery to 6126 Line


Lindsay Lohan said that she couldn’t find a pair of leggings that will suit her, this is why she created a leggings brand called 6126. The line came out last October and is now a success.

Now the actress is expending her line by adding  leg wear for working women by adding a hosiery component under the brand’s portfolio. The category will consist of five styles in matte and shiny blacks and nudes, each with a shaping component. One pair features a contrasting white and black leg for the more daring customer.

The 6126 hosiery line will launch in July at Los Angeles boutique Intuition, wholesaling for $18 a pair, with wider distribution to follow.

“Tights are another staple, just like leggings,” Lohan said. “For girls that don’t want to wear socks with their leggings, tights are a natural alternative. They are sexy and a classic staple.”

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