Beyonce wears Marc Bouwer Spring Summer 2010

Beyonce received the Artist of The Decade NRJ Award in Cannes France, wearing a Spring Summer 2010 Marc Bouwer dress. See the runway look below, featuring Lydia Hearst.


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  • UhUhHoney

    Beyoncé is looking all types of fierce and fugly. She looks like Jamie Fox’s “Wanda” from In Living Color!

  • Sindy

    OMG, Beysus rocked it last night on the Grammys. What was that black dress she was wearing last night? Thierry Mugler? (btw it ripped in the back at the end of her performance)

  • Laurenita

    I’m sorry but Beowulf looked all types of fugly last nite

    And to answer Sindy: the dress was Shit by Sheree

  • Teinesha

    Beyonce looks like a tranny and the dress is fugly