John Galliano Fall Winter 2010 Collection

Sunday March 7th, 2010 – Halle Freyssinet

A tribe of adventuring Galliano nomads trek through a mountainous terrain, crossing imaginary borders in search of a new land. In control of their destiny, subjected to the elements they are wrapped in brocades and worsted stripe blousonswith chunky knit rib tubes fitted tight on the hips. Trousers are inserted with knit panels for utility to an ever migrating tribes woman.

Her outfit tells her story, she accumulates as she migrates: brocade and astrakhan mix of mountain coats, panier skirted cabans thrust foward from the upper tight as do mini skirts layered over sarouel trousers. Her steps are sure laced into spike heel trekking boots.

Layering as she goes to protect herself from the harsh elements of the ever changing climate, she sheds and adds to adapt to her surrounds.
The tribal princesses are drapped in bias cuts spliced with yak fur mixing sauvage with refiined craftmanship. Delicate tulle is encrusted with mongolie fur and worn with barbaric fur and metal jewelery.

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