Loomstate Earth Day Celebration

Wednesday April 14th, 2010 – Good Units – Hudson Hotel

Its no shock that Earth Day events often attract hipsters in droves, but when eco-friendly Loomstate Organic hosted its event at the Hudson Hotel last night, even the lowest common denominator was an UES-sider-cum-Bleeker-Boho. Purple lighting, dimmed hallways, and graffitied walls tagged with “Good Units” and “Loomstate” logos made the event feel all-the-more ‘underground’. After making a round or two at the open bar (well, five really), I headed to ‘the pit’. 40 drummers surrounded a giant hovering, luminescent pyramid, which beamed projections of horses running across plains and people frolicking in fields (it’s Earth Day, what’d you expect?). Led by drummer Hisham Akira Bharoocha, syncopated melodies gave way to tribal beats, transforming rythymically challenged folks into a dance crazed mob. The beats reverberated across one’s body as the phalanx of drummers pounded, in unson, beat after beat. Toward the end of the concert, Pamela Love was spotted dragging her girlfriend toward the music booth. “Just say Hi!” she said, as they approached the Swedish looking DJ. After a brief conversation and an exchange of hugs, they scurried out giggling, Pamela reassuring her girlfriend, “He looooves you! Told you!”.

Check out Loomstate’s Organics latest collection – at the very least it’ll assuage any guilt about your carbon footprint while still letting you look eco-chic just in time for Spring.

Story by CB in ny.

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  • Major Hazer

    I was actually at that party last night. The beats were sick. All them white kids started dancin like they they were taken over by the Holy Ghost ROFL.