Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Photoshoot

Louis Vuitton Monogram Empreinte Making of Photoshoot Video

Introducing Monogram Empreinte, the new leather line by Louis Vuitton.Since 1892, when it created its first city bag in leather, Louis Vuitton has crafted a dazzling array of designs from this most noble of materials. Now the iconic Monogram pattern is subtly embossed on the supplest calf leather, a discreet yet indelible imprint of Louis Vuitton’s heritage and savoir-faire.

So delicate is the impression made by the Monogram that it naturally enhances the leather’s finely textured grain and soft, sensual feel, seamlessly evolves with the range of roomy, supple shapes destined to become the constant companions of modern urban life. Two totes, the bohemian Artsy, a bowling bag and a clutch, complemented by a wallet and coin purse their pared-down, functional forms are at once classic and contemporary, young in spirit yet chic at
any age.

Balancing the street appeal of bold zippers and metallic hardware are quiet reminders of Louis Vuitton’s tradition of craftsmanship flawless saddle stitching, tonal edge dying, a myriad ingenious details waiting to be discovered. Elegantly restrained, endlessly versatile, the colours effortlessly adapt to everyday wear a navy so dark it is almost black, a sophisticated taupe, a rich blue, a lush cream, a deep burgundy. Each is luxurious yet laid-back, discreet yet

Available in Louis Vuitton stores from November 1st 2010.

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See all the Photos Below:




Monogram Empreinte Lumineuse PM (Tote) $2130


Available in the following colors:


Navy: Infini (Infinite) M93410
Taupe: Ombre (Shadow) M93409
Off White: Neige (Snow) M93411
Burgundy: Flamme (Flame) M93413
Blue: Orage (Storm) M93412


Monogram Empreinte Lumineuse GM (Tote) $2720


Available in the following colors:


Navy: Infini (Infinite) M93420
Taupe: Ombre (Shadow) M93419
Burgundy: Flamme (Flame) M94083


Monogram Empreinte Artsy MM (Hobo bag) $2330


Available in the following colors:


Navy: Infini (Infinite) M93448
Taupe: Ombre (Shadow) M93447
Off White: Neige (Snow) M93449
Burgundy: Flamme (Flame) M93451
Blue: Orage (Storm) M93450


Monogram Empreinte Inspiree (Bowling) $1680


Available in the following colors:


Navy: Infini (Infinite) M93415
Taupe: Ombre (Shadow) M93414
Off White: Neige (Snow) M93416


Monogram Empreinte Petillante (Clutch) $1300


Available in the following colors:


Navy: Infini (Infinite) M93425
Taupe: Ombre (Shadow) M93424
Burgundy: Flamme (Flame) M93428
Blue: Orage (Storm) M93427


Monogram Empreinte Portefeuille Secrete Long (Long Wallet) $760


Available in the following colors:


Navy: Infini (Infinite) M93435
Taupe: Ombre (Shadow) M93436
Off White: Neige (Snow) M93437
Burgundy: Flamme (Flame) M93434
Blue: Orage (Storm) M93438


Monogram Empreinte Portefeuille Secrete Compact (Compact Wallet) $660


Available in the following colors:


Navy: Infini (Infinite) M93430
Taupe: Ombre (Shadow) M93431
Off White: Neige (Snow) M93432
Burgundy: Flamme (Flame) M93429
Blue: Orage (Storm) M93433

Photographer : Benoit Peverelli

Models : Vanessa Traina, Antonine Peduzzi, Camille Pourcheresse

Stylist : Geraldine Saglio

Makeup Artist: Adrien Pinault

Hair Stylist: Vi

Making of film : J.T

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