Tommy Hilfiger 25th Anniversary Party

Sunday September 16th, 2010 – Met Opera

The Tommy Hilfiger Spring Summer 2011 Backstage was short to say the least given that Tommy announced to everyone that they were invited to his 25th Anniversary party next door. Scurrying through the back entrance, guests soon found themselves outside the Met Opera which was transformed into a Hilfiger Shangri-La. Fifty-or-so Tommy boys, dressed in classic navy blazers (no less) served as ‘velvet ropes’ to greet guests into the party while a soccer-field sized red carpet made everyone feel like they were at the Oscars. Even more eye-catching was the one-story video-animated “TH” wall facing the building, which left a few passing tourists wondering if Lincoln Center had a recent name change.

Inside was an equally spectacular,, over-the-top setup; a truck-sized green hedge cut in the shape of the American flag, more Tommy boys lining the grand staircases, more open bars than one can count, endless finger foods, and balconies, inside and out, filled with guests having fun drinking and eating “TH” cupcakes the night away. To cap off the night, the Strokes played a few of their best medleys to guest’s overwhelming delight. In many ways, that dazzling performance befit the Tommy Hilfiger brand; cool, clean, fun, with just the right tinge of edge to keep us longing for more.

See all the photos below:

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