Chanel Cruise 2011 Riva Nail Polish

Peter Philips, International Chanel Beauty Director is making our life difficult. Every Chanel Fashion collections are embellished by Peter’s Chanel Beauty creations that we just can’t resist to own. After the Khaki Vernis created for the Chanel New York City Soho reopening, Peter presents his last creation: the “Chanel Vernis Riva“.

This new 70’s inspired pale blue polish shade has been created for the St. Tropez Chanel Cruise 2011 show. Let’s face it what’s more hype than rocking a Chanel Cruise Vernis in December even if you’re not hunting the caribbean islands. If you do you have no excuses but to get it.

The Chanel Vernis “Riva” will be available starting December 1st 2010 and will be sold exclusively at Chanel boutiques.

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