Mugler Homme Fall Winter 2011 Collection

Wednesday January 19th, 2011 – Garage Turenne

Filling in Thierry Mugler’s shoes was one thing, being able to walk in them is another challenge. The iconic designer has always been known for being ahead of his time; a futurist, dreamer, and a visionary artist. Thierry Mugler loved the idea of mixing art with the unexpected, which gave way to the spectacular and the performance. Thierry Mugler’s collaboration with George Michael’s “Too Funky” comes to mind. Pushing the Mugler mantle to new boundaries is Nicola Formichetti, the fashion house’s new Creative Director.

“I want to look at fashion from within and outsidethe industry and collaborate with people from all walks of life … I like the idea of performance and fashion and having people participate in it and feel part of it in a different way” says Nicola.

Being one of today’s most inspiring contemporary visionaries, he is a chameleon. Nicola photographs, films, styles, writes. To open a new door for the brand, Nicola decided to simply call the Men’s collection “Mugler”. Collaborating with other artists seemed a given; Tattooed Rick “Rico” Genest served as the collection’s muse, Lady Gaga provided a remixed house beat from a yet-to-be released track just for the occasion, and Bruno Kremer designed the clothing.

This Fall 2011 man is theatrical, mysterious, fantastic with a strong structured silhouette, and very much a Mugler Man. Neoprene, latex & mirrored plastics appeared like bits of armor, which contrasted well against the fragility of fluid nylon pieces.

“I suppose I would see this as looking at a chink in the armour of the Mugler type in the clothing and the person”, says Formechetti. “A sort of flawed superhuman- still extraordinary but not untouchable, like Rico”.

Visit to watch the exclusive, web-only film featuring Lady Gaga’s remixed song, Rico’s performance, and the runway collection.

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