Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen to Launch

With you will get the chance to get styled by Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen! Launching in july the new digital platform will offer a unique shopping experience for their members. The twins teamed up with Santa Monica, Calif.-based BeachMint Inc., a company headed by Josh Berman, one of the original founders of MySpace. offers the same technology of styling but the user needs to style himself based on its preferences. goes a step further by enabling a member to be styled by style icons such as the Olsens twins.

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen will be offering at first a collection of women’s fashion T-shirts retailing for $29.99, the duo will be also featured in videos for the website.

“Online commerce is the perfect medium for us to create a new brand that is as much about the clothing as it is about the customer experience,” told Ashley Olsen to wwd. is not BeachMint’s first gig. They launched in October, a jewelry-of-the-month club created in partnership with actress Kate Bosworth and celebrity stylist, Cher Coulter. That site sells jewelry at $29.99 an item, also via monthly personalized recommendations.

“BeachMint understands how online shopping is evolving and the importance of creating an authentic relationship between designer and customer,” said Mary-Kate Olsen, who, with her sister, also founded and designs The Row, Elizabeth and James, “With, Ashley and I have created an online experience reflecting our love of style and allowing us to engage with our customers directly, which is an inspiring new way for us to think and create as designers.”

Both StyleMint and JewelMint have shoppers register as members and take short style quizzes to tailor monthly purchase suggestions, using predictive algorithms in the same mold as music sites like Pandora’s. As consumers buy items each month, the technology continually fine-tunes its pitches. Subscribers can use an integrated feature with Facebook and Twitter to garner opinions from friends on potential purchases.

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Photo courtesy of Vogue

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