First Look: Louis Vuitton Icônes illustriously illustrated

Louis Vuitton is releasing a new collection called Icônes, made of  seven iconic best sellers pieces from the Louis Vuitton ready to wear universe. To present the collection Louis Vuitton created a concept “Day & Night” featuring each Icônes mixed with different outfits. The result is modern, fresh, punchy, yet very classic and timeless at the same time.

“An icon is versatile. Dressed up or down, it is the perfect companion for all seasons, all occasions, all situations. An icon is individual. Though its own style is immutable, it effortlessly adapts to every personality. Which is why, worn by different women, an icon will never look the same.

Louis Vuitton Icones, a collection that revisits tradition to refine the rules of modern dressing. Seven perfect pieces, flawlessly crafted from the finest fabrics, subtly signed and exquisitely detailed. In short, the LV ABC of style…”

Take a look at the jumping and punching adorable model Iselin Steiro in the making of video .

The Icones Collection will be available in Louis Vuitton stores from November 2011


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The Stephen Sprouse Mac

The ultimate combination of tradition and modernity. Authentic Mackintosh fabric, invented in inclement Scotland – where else? – by chemist Charles Macintosh in 1823, is cut into the perfect double-breasted shape, at once long enough to cover and short enough to swing. The inimitable Louis Vuitton touch? The legendary Stephen Sprouse leopard print, revealed in a fleeting glimpse of the interior or the nonchalant turn-up of a sleeve. Supremely functional, eternally fashionable – why save it for a rainy day?

The Essential Travel Kit

Seasoned voyageuses love its luxe fusion of silk and cashmere, so feminine, so supple and so lightweight. They appreciate the ease of the sweatshirt’s two-way zipper, the snug protection of its hood, the comfort of the pants’ drawstring waist – deliberate concessions to contemporary sportswear. On a long-haul flight, or simply on a leisurely weekend, this is the essence of effortless elegance.

The Perfect Parka

Worn by the Nenets people of Northern Russia, the parka – originally meaning animal skin – has travelled far from these cold and distant climes. Via expeditions and military campaigns, it became, on the backs of London mods, an icon of subculture. Louis Vuitton’s version adopts the silken sheen and featherweight feel of nylon taffeta, making it the lightest and most luxurious of cover-ups for day or night, spring or fall. Its sporty details – the hood, the drawstring waist, the diagonal zippered pockets – and androgynous allure are the perfect foil for modern femininity.

The Leather Tregging

The apparent simplicity of this sensual second skin belies the complexity of its supremely flattering, leg-lengthening design. The finest, supplest stretch leather, a testament to Louis Vuitton’s savoirfaire, sets unprecedented standards of comfort – an essential prerequisite for the sassy, sexy girl about town.

The Indispensable Perfecto

Louis Vuitton transforms a staple of bad-boy style into an icon of luxurious femininity. To the rugged sex appeal of the classic perfecto, this design opposes the refinement of naturally grained leather, enhanced by eloquent details like multiple zippers and padded sleeves. The sleeves, indeed, can be unzipped altogether, further increasing the versatility of this go-anywhere piece.

The True Fit 5 Pockets Jeans

Louis Vuitton’s timeless 5-pocket version has it all: a universally flattering fit, a hint of stretch for comfort, and a deep, dark dye that won’t wash out. Dress them up, and they’ll grace the most elegant occasions. Dress them down, and their style speaks for itself. An icon among icons, and the hardest-working item in any woman’s wardrobe.

The Must-Have Cardigan

A true friend in need, it is ever ready to offer the warmth and comfort of silk and cashmere. Folding up to next to nothing, it is an unassuming presence in a bag. But take it out, and it will instantly attract attention: soft yet structured, lightweight and luxurious, with a feminine deep Vneck, it looks casually stylish shrugged over shoulders, effortlessly sensual over bare skin. Quite simply a must-have.

See all the looks below:

Photos by Paul Empson
Illustrations by Garance Dore
Model: Iselin Steiro
Hair by Vi Sapyyapy Thuy
Video by J.T

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