Honest by Bruno Pieters

Launched on January 30, Honest by is a new fashion brand with a radical new concept. While the clothes are richly made from the finest materials, the concept is 100% transparency: Honest by is completely open about how its goods are made – and priced.

Every thread, button, factory-time and journey is documented for each Honest by piece, and presented openly to the customer. Honest by is the first company in the world to offer a cost breakdown of its products.

The label is curated by Bruno Pieters, the award-winning Antwerp-based fashion designer and art director. Pieters developed the Honest by concept after a sabbatical year spent exploring the developing world. His experiences, especially his time spent among native people in India, profoundly affected his thinking about fashion and inspired him to pioneer a new model for the fashion industry that made products honestly.

Pieters and his team took a further year for research, tracing raw materials back to their origins to be certain every element in each piece is:

  • Mindful of the environment
  •  Made in safe and fair working conditions
  •  Kind to the wearer’s skin, Not harmful to animals
  • Organic, wherever possible

Other internationally-renowned designers will also contribute designs and collections. New products will arrive throughout the year, recognizing that global travel makes the idea of seasons irrelevant. All items will be limited edition.

Shop Honest by via www.honestby.com

See all the lookbook below:

Girl model: Henna Lintukangas at FORD Paris
Boy model:Eugeniy Sauchanka at NEW MADISON Paris
Photography: Alex Salinas
Make up: Sofie Van Bouwel
Styling: Samuel Drira

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