Chanel Presents The Little Black Jacket in New York

Wednesday Jube 6th, 2012 –  18 Wooster Street

Who knew a little bit of tweed could mean so much one day? Before arriving in Paris in October, after a detour to Sydney, the Little Black Jacket landed in New York. To celebrate the iconic Chanel piece revisited by Karl Lagerfeld and Carine Roitfeld, the brand hosted an evening on wednesday previewing the exhibition.

“The magic comes from Gabriel Chanel’s direct interpretation of a Salzburg Hotel Groom uniform jacket done in classic tweed” said Karl. To summarize, it is the timeless quality of the “Little Black Jacket” which assures its modernity.

Everyone in the book, wore the jacket infusing their personality. Karl himself would not be part of the book. “It was the best way to answer those who take offense not to be in,” said the designer.

“Some, once photographed, were eliminated in the final selection, and many have not been selected despite their requests, of which many men.” Said Karl Lagerfeld to Figaro’s Virginie Mouzat.

Sarah Jessica Parker wears the jacket as a headpiece, in size 4 (kids size). Yoko Ono has six snapshots from the little dance she did for Karl’s camera.

The exhibition featuring the Little Back Jacket in  113 photographs will be open to the public from June 8th to June 15th 2012.

For fans of the cult jacket that does not have the opportunity to travel or want to wait, a virtual gallery on is available for viewing.

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CHANEL The Little Black Jacket in New York – The Film

See all the photos below:

Photo credit: Billy Farrell Agency, Frederic David and Olivier Saillant

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