3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013 Menswear Collection

Thursday June 28, 2012 – Palais de Tokyo

Somewhere between the hustle and bustle of Sao Paulo’s skyscraper jungle, with its sizable Japanese community, and the countryside colonial European Baroque churches of Ouro Preto and Salvador, Brazil, designer Phillip Lim found his inspiration for his latest menswear collection. Patchwork jeans and ornate detailing on jackets and pants have a street chic appeal that imbues a bit of Ginza meets Goias. Fine craftsmanship and perfectly sized proportions conjure up images of artisan Dekasegis (Japanese descendant Latin Americans) bringing a bit of Luso-Portuguese Barroco church-art into Tokyo street-wear.

The show kicked off with an all-white cavalcade of minimalist looks compromised of a mid-sleeve athletic jacket, an oversized-cuff slouchy parka, and a see-through knit leather polo over a long-sleeved buttoned shirt. Our first taste of Phillips’ new obsession came by the fifth look, a v-neck leather white tee over a black Oxford shirt with knee-cuff  mid-shin shorts and a Baroque appliqué shirt-tail. A perforated patent leather outerwear done as a parka and trench coat were later translated as a sea-green knitted cardigan and Nero black long sleeved pullover sweater.

A light indigo denim jacket and jean combo was later reinterpreted as a v-neck tee worn over a white French terry sweater and shorts number with symmetric metallic floral appliqué. White and indigo karate belts worn on two-tone, dyed striped jeans and rust orange floral print pants, sometimes enveloping them to create a serpentine patchwork effect, looked like the penultimate example of harmonious East-meets-(south)West  aesthetics.

The hallmark of a brilliant collection is in its ability to be the synthesis of uncommon  ideas while remaining a cohesive concept. Phillip’s venturing out of his NYC comforts by showcasing a mens collection in Paris based on foreign cultural and historical art references, all the while achieving universal appeal, demonstrates his ability to meet any fashion challenge with unequivocal good taste.

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3.1 Phillip Lim Spring 2013 Menswear Show Video

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Photos and video courtesy of Stylerumor.com

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