Lana Del Rey Private Concert for H&M

Wednesday Spetember 19, 2012 – The weely bar

Guests got wild at the Wooly on wednesday night as H&M feted the launch of the Fall campaign with the face of the brand, Lana Del Rey. Set inside an easyspeak-esque bar, attendees were treated to swank decor, drinks, and plentiful appetizers (Lady Gaga, take note for your next perfume launch; this is how you feed your guests).

Sometime around 9pm, Ms. Del Rey, fashion’s musical darling, took the stage and spoke to her audience with a soothingly, disarming tone. Though she forewarned everyone that she would only cover three songs, folks were already clamoring for encores. And with one cool breath, she belted out her first ballad. Soon it was a second, and before you knew it, she was already singing “Video Games” and “Blue Velvet”, Lana’s latest song featured in the H&M commercial shot by shot by famed director Johan Renck. Her gleeful smiles were met with overwhelming applause and, to some extent, elation from others – she’s a surprisingly captivating and better performer in real life than what the media might’ve led us to believe. If the folks in that enclosed concert space are any indication, her sweet, gentle persona has not only won her a loyal following but probably helped folks relate to her where it really matters: at your local H&M store.

Lana’s tuxedo is a H&M Trend Tuxedo Blazer, which retails at $59.95

Visit to watch H&M’s newest commercial featuring Lana Del Rey singing “Blue Velvet

Video: Lana Del Rey Private Concert for H&M at Wooly

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