Maison Martin Margiela With H&M New York Launch

Tuesday October 23, 2012 – Beekman Palace

Right on the heels of the Jimmy Choo event was the Martin Margiela with H&M party. Set inside the abandoned, glass-rooftop Beekman palace where Proenza Schouler staged their Spring 2013 show, the scene had all of the makings for an interesting evening. Paint chipped walls juxtaposed against the flashes of paparazzi cameras and clubs lights, floor after floor full of abstract artwork, and a full service boutique at the apex of the nine flights of stairs; a feat to see and feel, with all the elements meant to challenge our definitions of art and fashion, as only Margiela can.

The event started on the ground floor with Doutzen Kroes gracing the red carpet and chatting it up with reporters while one the third floor, Kasia Struss and Hanne Gabby Odiele waved to guests down below. Models took to rolling around on large white sand installations on the fourth floor in the name of performance art while Kanye West took time to take photos with fans whilst looking dapper in a camel Margiela trenchcoat on the fifth floor. After queuing up to reach the next flight above, guests were given the chance to snag a piece of the collection before it officially hits the stores.

Cash registers couldn’t stop ringing transactions as ladies lurched over racks looking for the last candy wrapper clutch and men carefully balanced mountainous armfuls of clothing. Midway through the night, a final performance on the ground floor “sand pit” was brilliantly hypnotic. From the top floor, it all appeared as if one were flying down a canyonous corridor on the way to blowing up the Death Star whilst being mesmerized by a monochromatic kaleidoscope of ballet dancers at the horizon’s edge, choreographed by Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker. Conversely to the fact that this illusion can only be understood from afar, buyers will want to view this collection up close to appreciate its finer details and the craftwork.

November 15 can’t come any sooner for those eager to own a re-edition of Martin Margiela most sought after pieces. Price points start at $39,99 and go up to $399,99, giving everyone a chance to own a piece of fashion history and add a little “quirky chic” to one’s closet.


Video: Maison Martin Margelia with H&M NYC Launch

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