KENZO Spring 2014 Automobile Waltz Film

“To best convey the atmosphere and themes of our Spring 2014 collections for men and women, we collaborated with director, Hala Matar and actors, Anton Yelchin and Lydia Hearst. The Movie seeks to incite the mood and spirit we associate with America’s West Coast and more importantly the ambience of early 1960’s California. 

It takes place with our two protagonists riding around a set in vintage cars, arriving at different locations reminiscent of those in old Hollywood movies. The hair is gelled, the conversations is stunted. The atmosphere brings us back to how we feel when watching a Rock Hudson movie and when we look at photos of cocktail parties in Palm Springs. For the director the connection between the cards and the collection is that they “both share the timelessness and classic feel”. For us, the wave prints recall an age of visiting the beach during the heyday of 60’s surfers. 

Both Anton and Lydia embody the leading man versus ingénue qualities that we used to see in movies from the Swinging Decade. The music, borne of a collective of live musicians, a mini-orchestra narrating the action in each scene, effortlessly channelling the dance between man and woman, love and regret.”

Carol Lim and Humberto Leon

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