Jean-Paul Goude Recreates Louis Vuitton’s Spring 2015 Backstage for ELLE

Elle France teamed up with famed photographer Jean Paul Goude to recreate Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 backstage. It’s almost Nicolas Ghesquière’s first anniversary as creative director for the world’s largest luxury brand. Models Ghesquière, Amalie Schmidt, Elodie, Angel, Emilie Fouilloux, Daphne Simons, Magdalena Jasek, Mae Lapres, Emmy Rappe, Mica Arganaraz, and Sora Choi are styled in Louis Vuitton by Anne-Marie Curtis although Marie Amelie Sauve is in the picture, she didn’t style the shoot but did styled the actual show. Hairstylist Paul Hanlon is also featured on the spread, while Dunja Schultze did the makeup.

At Vuitton, I want my work to seem like an ‘obvious’ wardrobe, to come across as a familiar closet to which I can add a very fashionable statement … I have a clear-cut objective: to gain recognition and break new ground, develop a certain personality and remain faithful to it.

I’m very attuned to the personality of Louis Vuitton who, like me, was self-taught. His creativity grew out of efforts to improve his trunks. This young man put his imagination to work making his luggage more functional, with an instinctive drive to innovate. His vision is unique and his solutions reflect a creative model that I find inspiring and touching. That, for me, is the key to a timeless look: answering a question.

The solution is style and creativity. I’m convinced of that. You can be very good at merchandising; I’m not even sure what they call it now — ‘crossover products’ or something like that. But for it to work, to create a bestseller, you need to be sincere and honest. Each piece of clothing and each accessory expresses our values of innovation and tradition. Once these qualities are identified, our message will come across quite clearly. A good idea generates good business.

Nicolas Ghesquiere quote from ELLE February Isssue.

The intensity of the pre-show ambiance comes through in a lush, high-energy and ultimately tender fresco by Jean-Paul Goude,
a sublime tribute to the urgency that takes hold just before the lights go up on the runway. The iconic French photographer created this panoramic fresco to be a joyful, never-ending tribute to fashion’s creative effervescence.

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Making of video

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Jean Paul Goude Recreates Louis Vuitton Spring 2015 Backstage for ELLE 4

Photos by Jean-Paul Goude for ELLE
Models: Amalie Schmidt, Elodie, Angel, Emilie Fouilloux, Daphne Simons, Magdalena Jasek, Mae Lapres, Emmy Rappe, Mica Arganaraz, Sora Choi, Paul Hanlon, Dunja Schultze,
Hair by Paul Hanlon
Makeup by Dunja Schultze

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