Louis Vuitton Reigns Supreme

Thursday January 19th 2017 – Jardins du Palais Royal

Louis Vuitton has always been a mastermind in combining tradition and modernity. Marc Jacobs Spring 2001 show featuring Stephen’s Sprouse graffiti has been a turning point for the brand’s perception and heritage. Although Masking, Modifying or altering the Monogram canvas was a no no clause in Jacobs’ contract, he went for it anyway and the rest is history.

Kim Jones did the exact same thing and went further. For the very first time, a luxury house teams up with a street wear brand.

But not any street wear brand, it is the most iconic of all of them. The best of both world met today.

“No New York City men’s conversation is complete without Supreme,” asserts Kim Jones.

The dynamic New York culture of the recent past – seventies, eighties, early nineties – is the point of excursion for the Autumn-Winter 2017 Louis Vuitton men’s collection. It’s uptown and downtown, artists and musicians, friends and heroes.” Says Kim Jones

Surpeme and Louis Vuitton gave birth to hybrid accessories featuring both iconic DNA’s. Alongside Vuitton’s own ready to wear pieces, came a new Monogram variation interrupted with Supreme’s iconic Box Logo.

The Louis Vuitton Iconic Keepall and Christopher backpack come in red, black Epi leather, stamped with an oversized Supreme logotypes, like their famous adhesive stickers. The jacquard camouflage toile is combined with Louis Vuitton’s iconic natural cowhide leather. Countless pieces including shoes and accessories are not novelty pieces but rather inspired by archives styles. A Monogramed skateboard trunk and a DJ trunk set the deal highlighting the fusion of their distinctive world.

More than a collaboration between two labels, this represents the excellence a New York street style and the Louis Vuitton’s French savoir-faire.

The collection is set to drop worldwide in july 2017.




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