Sofia Coppola & Louis Vuitton Intemporel line Goes Exotic

When you say “Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton” you immedtiatelly picture their bags collaboration. How many times have you heard people saying that if they could ever get a Louis Vuitton SC bag (Sofia Coppola) they would keep it forever? I have, and this is the effect you get when you know something is special, unique, intemporel and that’s the case with the SC bags. The reason? one can say that the craftmanship is amazing and that the leather is so souple but it’s beyond that and It’s impossible to describe why we love it, we just do. It’s maybe because it’s the kind of bag we see ourselves carrying anytime anywhere and more importantly we see ourselves carrying it for years.

In 2009 Sofia Coppola and Louis Vuitton launched this capsule line with one bag style  and a clutch declined in three different material, Calf leather, Suede Calf Leather and the classic Monogram Canvas with vachetta trim. Starting this October the line of bag is expended to a new size, a smaller version of the original SC bag. The calf leather will be available in two new color, chocolat and ecru. The suede calf leather bag will be in a new hue: Chataigne. The look book that features the new colors, materials and sizes is also featuring a bear and his favorites are the SC Bag in ecru calf leather and the Calf Suede in Chataigne! (our favorite too, we should start to include Bears in market research they have good tastes!)

The best for the last, “I love it so much but it will remain most likely a dream”, I’m talking about the SC bag in Alligator. Usually I would be the first to say that an alligator bag would add 10 years to your actual age, or worse, make you look un-elegant. But again the SC Alligator bag is the exception.


See all the photos below:

Photographer: Andrew Durham
Make-up: Jenna Menard
Hair: Ayumi Yamamoto

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